Winterization & Storage for Watercraft

Jet Ski & Boat Winterization & Storage Services in NY


As the boating and Jet Ski season comes to an end on Long Island, we want to offer you the opportunity to receive premium service for your watercraft. We have factory certified technicians, and we are prepared to meet all of our customer’s requirements to prepare for the winter ahead. A garage is not a substitute for winterization!

Over 38 Items are replaced and or inspected as per factory schedule.

We strongly suggest that you have your watercraft winterized by our service professionals prior to the threat of freezing to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. As a valued and preferred customer, we want to meet and exceed all your service expectations. Island Powersports strives to go above and beyond to make your service experience perfect. We work to ensure that your watercraft is appropriately serviced and secured.

The Farmers Almanac is predicting a harsh winter for the Northeast.

Do not put off your service, when you know you're done for the season that is the time to book an appointment and get it done. A heated garage is not a substitute for proper winterization. Once the first frost comes, that is when the damage begins. Oil needs to be fresh when sitting over the winter months, used oil from the summer that has accumulated water from condensation starts the corrosion process. Fuel in the tank needs to be treated to prevent fuel related issues. Batteries need to be disconnected as they are not covered under warranty.

The majority of spring issues we see are from units that were not winterized or were performed by non-certified techs. Outdoor units should also be shrink-wrapped, the cover is only designed for summer use and will cause damage if used as a winter cover.

To maintain warranty coverage, you must perform scheduled maintenance and proper winterization. If your unit is a SeaDoo, the Maintenance log must be downloaded and cleared. We will also upload any computer updates. (There were two alone in 2017.) We will also check your unit for any factory directed modifications or any safety recalls.

Please call 516-882-1401 x 2 and ask for Dave or Mike.


Winterization and Storage